Time Management

Time Management skills help you become more effective by showing you how to identify and focus on activities that give you the greatest returns. Work smarter, not harder! Our strategies help you from being overloaded, which is a key source of stress.


Developing these skills help students as well as busy families and professionals. We tailor the solution to your specific needs.

5 Tips to Get You Started

  • Create a weekly planner
  • Check that you have the supplies you need and that they are accessible
  • Be consistent, but flexible. It takes time to develop new habits, but if it’s not working for you try some new ideas
  • Build organization time into your schedule to maintain your efforts
  • Determine the areas where you need the most focus

"Parents spend an average of 23 percent of their free time outside of work scheduling and coordinating their children's and family's schedules."

Time Management Challenges

It’s Sunday night and fifteen minutes to kick-off for your sports loving adolescent or the start of a favorite show, but you are not sure what tests your child has coming up and if their homework has been completed. You would love to enjoy some family time to kick back and relax…

If you’ve been working with Properly Placed, your child will know to review his binder and plan for the week ahead so you'll have time to make popcorn!



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