From the desk of Michelle Rawicz, President

A passion for organizing is born…

I grew up in Miami, Florida where I started organizing closets, garages, and pantries from a young age.


My mother always liked to keep everything and never wanted to throw things out. The pantries were overstuffed with cans. Cooking and travel magazines littered the kitchen desk and family room. The clutter was frustrating. My father would pay me to clean out the cupboard or the garage.


A week before flying home for college break, my father would call to reserve a day with me to organize closets and get rid of clutter at the family home.


Thus began my career as a professional organizer!

My Mission

I founded Properly Placed to help my clients create optimal organizing solutions for their homes and home offices.


As a professional organizer, I find that families and professionals in Fairfield County, CT and Westchester County, NY need a dedicated resource to help them find creative organizing systems for their homes and their lives.

Where I’ve been…

I have a strong background in management and finance that I apply to my approach in your home, office, or student environment.


I graduated from Boston University with a B.S. in Hospitality Management and a concentration  in Business Management.  I studied for two years in the Master’s Program in Accounting at Pace University.


I spent my early career in corporate accounting and operational positions working on As The World Turns as their Budget Supervisor, TrialGraphix as an Operations and Project Manager and at a research firm as their Finance Director.


Before founding Properly Placed, I was the Business Manager for a Marketing and PR firm that services luxury hotels and resorts.

Where I’m going…

I am constantly researching trends and developments in organizing for home and office space.  I am also constantly working to provide a terrific experience to clients of all ages in all stages of their lives; even clients with ADD.


Individuals with ADD often have a difficult time with organization and I am able to help them overcome this challenge with careful attention to detail, and by setting up a system of organization that is easy to follow and maintain.


I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of organizing any space!  It gives me great pleasure to create order for busy professionals, help people prepare for a move and just make life easier for my clients overall.


Contact Us to get started on the road to a more efficient home or office space…