Paper Management

Disorganized personal and business papers cost time and money and create stress. A missing permission slip or homework assignment derails the entire family on the way out the door. Without a plan for paper management, a household or business can drown in a rising tide of paper. We provide systems and guidelines to manage your personal and business papers.

We all need to manage paper. Properly Placed can create a paper management system for students, families, homes and offices. Students with sound organizing strategies are more likely to succeed in school because they are aware of all of their assignments and have the resources and materials needed to complete them.


College students have unique paper management challenges. Having a solid strategy and filing system can help them stay on top of school assignments as well as personal finances and responsibilities.


A Quick Guide of How Long to Keep Documents here

Goals of Paper Management

Paper Management for Offices

To keep any business running smoothly, it must maintain a good paper management system.  If bills, orders and important documents are lost or can’t be readily found, the  business will suffer.  Customers and vendors won’t feel confident doing business with a company that can’t find needed papers in a prompt manner.  Misplaced and unpaid bills can ruin a business' credit worthiness.

Whether a business uses paper or digital systems, successful organizations have an orderly process of filing their bills, invoices and documents.  There are many great benefits to having well defined internal business processes.  Companies with efficient internal organization experience greater customer satisfaction, save time and money, have high retention rates and more repeat business.


  • Eliminate duplication of resources wherever possible
  • Make information easily accessible to everyone who needs it
  • Identify vital records and ensure their safety in case of a disaster
  • Establish easy-to-use document retention guidelines
  • Increase  usable space by storing inactive but important records out of the way
  • Coordinate storage of hard copy and computer files

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