Organizing for Seniors

There are many types of organizing projects that become important as we as we age.

For example, we may be

  • no longer able to safely reach items in upper cabinets.
  • overwhelmed by what to do with accumulated papers.
  • unsure of how to organize bills and set up on-line auto payments.
  • unable to find a place to put things away.
  • overwhelmed by too many items in our homes.
  • ready to downsize but not sure how to do it.
  • scared of increased risk of falls from items poorly placed in our homes.


Properly Placed has an extremely thorough process for relocating Seniors and we would be delighted to help you and your family make the transition of moving a loved one efficient, easy and stress free!


Whether it is for your own home, the home of a parent, or someone you care for, please Contact Us.

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Properly Placed can help seniors who are going through transition and change.


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