Move Preparation

We also help many of our clients with the transition into their new space.


Planning where to place items in your new home starts with reviewing your new floor plan and being realistic about where things will go. This is a step that is often missed.


Properly Placed will make this transition easy and will help you feel organized in your new home on day one!

No matter how long you have lived in your home, there is no doubt that preparing for any move can be extremely stressful.  Additionally, packing up all of one’s belongings can seem like an overwhelming task.  Subsequently, it is quite common for people to underestimate the time it takes to get ready to move.


Properly Placed is exceptional at helping our clients get ready to relocate!  We help clients organize their household items and figure out what to keep or give to loved ones, what to donate and what to throw away.  We help pack your belongings in a way that makes it easy to track and unpack them in your new home.


We also set up a timeline to make sure your moving process goes smoothly.  No matter what, Properly Placed will have you ready to go on moving day!

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