Downsizing Home

When Properly Placed works on downsizing projects, clients have said that after just one day their lives seem easier. Sometimes clients just need help getting started.


Downsizing can seem like a daunting task; but Properly Placed can make it feel easy.  Room by room, we will help you go through all of the items in your home and determine what to keep or give to loved ones, what to sell, what to donate and what to throw away.


The process of downsizing starts with figuring out what is needed in your new home and evaluating what is in your old home.  As we go through the items you currently own, we will help you answer the following questions:


  • Will this item fit in your new space?
  • Is this item practical for your everyday life?
  • Does this item hold a particular sentimental or monetary value?



Letting go of items that may hold sentimental value is one of the toughest parts of downsizing and de-cluttering. Many clients feel that getting rid of an item means they will lose the memory.  However, the reality is that we usually need and use only a small percent of what is in our homes.  Properly Placed can help you figure out which items will best represent important memories and will help you feel organized and efficient after downsizing!



In addition to helping you get organized, we can help you stay organized!  We offer regular maintenance to make sure that you keep the order in your life and that your home remains the enjoyable, comfortable, de-cluttered environment you want it to be!


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