Clutter reduction

Clutter weighs you down.  When everything you don't need or use is purged or has a specific place in your home, you can be free from clutter. Making decisions about how to reduce clutter in the home can be challenging. We are there to guide and  support you through this process.

Properly Placed will make it easy for you. We go through everything for you. We may uncover sets of keys you haven't seen in ten years or discover that you have four staplers. We help you decide what to keep, give to loved ones, donate or sell.


We can help you make the most of this time.


Choosing the right organizing systems to manage clutter is important. From everyday items used in creative ways to niche products for odd sized spaces, we have the experience to find and choose the right tools to create a foolproof system that is easy to maintain.

We help you so that everything in your home has its own place.


Top Ten Sources of Clutter:  old magazines, mis-matched Tupperware, impulse buys, odd socks, and more…

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