“Restore the Order in Your Life”

Properly Placed is a full service Professional Organizing company serving Fairfield and Westchester Counties.

Who We Are

Properly Placed, located in Stamford, CT, specializes in “de-cluttering” and helping our clients focus on specific areas within their homes and offices that need organization and order. We help make our clients more efficient in their everyday lives by organizing bedrooms, closets, kitchens, attics, garages, personal papers and more!  Our thorough process will make your home and your office organized, clutter free and easy to maintain.


We believe that transforming your space can transform how you feel.  Getting organized can help reduce stress and can save you time and money. Many of our clients tell us that “restoring the order” in their lives brought them a new found sense of peace and calm.


Properly Placed has training and experience working with clients with ADD.  We understand the challenges for individuals with ADD and we are able to create unique organizing solutions designed to meet their specific needs.


Properly Placed also specializes in helping clients prepare for a move, downsize their home, move to a senior residence or prepare an estate for sale. We simplify the process so your move is organized, runs smoothly and is as stress-free as possible!


Our mission is to “Restore the Order in Your Life.”


Our Services

General Home Organizing & Office Organizing

De-cluttering/Space Organizing

Move Preparation/Downsizing

Paper Management

Garage, Basement and Attic Purging and Organizing

Kitchen and Closet Organizing

Organizing for Seniors

Time Management

Personal Organizing Solutions for those with ADD

"We provide an array of Home and Office Organizing services."


  • Why do I need a Professional Organizer?

    Organizing your home or office is a project. We take what can be a daunting task and simplify it.


    We break down large projects into phases and work efficiently to meet a specific home, office or student organizing need. There are many organizing projects around your home you may enjoy doing on your own.


    When it comes to the tasks you don’t have time for, or that may seem overwhelming, it is worth the investment to pay a professional with experience.


    When the project is done we offer you a sense of freedom in the order created.

  • What does professional organizing cost? Where do I start?

    Every project is unique.  We listen to your needs and recommend a solution, keeping your budget in mind.


    Contact us for a free phone consultation to get a better understanding of your project.

Why Properly Placed?

We are honest, efficient and work quickly. In addition, we are energetic and are very respectful of you and your home.


We enjoy coaching and supporting our clients. We work hard to plan and execute organization projects from smaller one-day jobs to complex projects that may unfold over several weeks.

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